Sunday, 21 September 2008 13:07

Middy Baggin Wagglers

Middy "Baggin" Wagglers - courtesy of Middy Tackle

The Middy Baggin wagglers come in two colours, white and camo. They are available in a variety of weights to suit all situations. Pre-loaded, they make casting and shotting a doddle.

  • the camo finish waggler is and ideal float for margin use or for up against reed beds
  • the white finish wagglers are great for attracting carp in open water.
  • interchangeable base weights ensure minimal extra shotting is required.
  • Each float is designed and tested for balance and flight in the air
  • An ideal float for commercial carp fisheries !

These baggin wagglers from Middy are amongst the best floats I have used at carp and general commercial fisheries.

Casting (even quite long range) is a doddle with the weighted base and with a range of weights available as well as the handy intechangeable base weights, you have a waggler suitable for all types of fishing. Available in straight and insert varieties, the Middy Baggin Waggler is suitable for all conditions.


Where to buy The Middy Baggin Waggler:
The Middy Baggin Waggler is available from all good tackle suppliers or from Middy Tackle.

For more information or to order these excellent wagglers, visit

A big thank you to Middy Tackle for supplying UK Fisherman with these floats for review.

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